Fall Shrub and Tree Care Tips That You Should Know

If you need to take care of your shrubs in the autumn, there are many strategies that you can use. It’s important to provide them with plenty of water, fertilizer, and it’s also necessary to prune them. These are smaller woody plants, similar to trees, but they are used primarily for decorative purposes. Let’s discuss the differences between trees and shrubs, and then the strategies that you need to use in order to improve your shrubs during the fall.

Difference Between Trees And Shrubs

The primary difference between trees and shrubs is the structure of these plants. For example, shrubs are smaller, designed with multiple stems growing out of the ground. This is different from a tree which has one trunk and then can branch out up above. That’s really the only difference between the two, other than the fact that shrubs are much easier to work with when you are trying to structure your backyard area. There is one other difference that should be mentioned which is their purpose. Although trees can provide shade and fruit, shrubs do something completely different. They are designed to be used in very specific locations to enhance the overall beauty of your property.man rimming shrubs and taking care of business

Why Would You Want Shrubs In The Backyard?

Shrubs in the backyard can act as boundary points, creating definitive places where people will notice your garden, flowerbeds, and the overall structure of your landscaping. They are used as small border fillers, ones that can be very colorful with flowers, or they may simply be large enough to fill up empty space. You will want to plant at least two or three in the backyard, preferably from different species. This will give a lot of variety to your backyard area. Popular shrubs you should use will include Euonymus and Rhododendron shrubs which are extremely popular because of the way that they look.

How Do You Care For Shrubs In The Fall?

The first thing you need to do is prune them but wait until the end of fall. If it is cold enough, you might be able to start early. Pruning them back before that time can actually cause damage. During the fall, you should make sure that there is fertilizer on the ground. This could be a nitrogen supplement. It’s also useful to add one last batch of cow manure to the soil, with plenty of water, so that they can pull as many nutrients as possible before their dormant season.

These tips on how to care for shrubs during the fall should help you improve the way that your shrubs look every year. Although they will not grow as tall as trees, it is this medium to a small appearance that makes them so useful in your backyard, or even in the front yard area. If you have never planted shrubs before, you can use the strategies to help them look their best. If you have existing shrubs, you can use these tips to properly prepare them for the winter months to come.

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